• Differentials

  • Mix with over 35,000 products Variety, quality and low price . That's how Milium is known by its clients. It all starts with a thorough selection of products that will be on sale in our stores. Today we have over 35,000 products on display and our goal is that our customers can find in one place home care products, family care, personal care, products for crafts (hobby), professional and gift options .
  • Fair price always We have a team that works specifically on monitoring prices of our products in order to ensure fair and competitive prices every day. We at Milium believe that our best advertisement comes directly from our customers. In order to prove it, come to our stores and bring along your friends and family.
  • Excellence in service The main function of our team of employees is to be dedicated to providing excellent service to all our customers.This is the core of our company culture and integral part of our DNA.
  • More than 5,000 paint colors A new paint job is the easiest and cheapest way to give a new face to an environment. Just pick a nice color, the most appropriate type of paint for the surface to be painted and get to work! At Milium you will surely find the perfect color from more than 5,000 colors tailor-made just for you at the time of purchase. We have a dedicated paint technician in every store, ready to offer professional help so you can make the right purchase for your needs.
  • Day-to-day Solutions In today's world we need practicality and economical solutions in our daily lives. At Milium you will find products to solve those little problems that happen at home: from changing a light bulb to unclogging a drain, assembling furniture or installing a TV. You can count on the help of our employees to find the best solution. It will be a pleasure serving you.
  • Mission

    To be the retailing business that offers the best variety of products, competitive prices and excellence in service at a single location, ever strengthening our motto MILIUM HAS EVERYTHING and to be seen by our customers as a positive reference.

  • Vision

    To always be your first and best option.

  • Values





    Continuous Improvement